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Today’s Top Trailer August 29, 2009

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I have to admit, I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s on my list of ones to read. I bring you the Trailer for The Men Who Stare at Goats.


Denver Company Makes Caffinated Jerky?!? August 28, 2009

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Yes, you heard that right. Caffinated Jerky. As in beef jerky, with caffiene in it! From the Perky Jerky website:

  • What is Perky Jerky?

    Perky Jerky is caffeinated beef jerky. That’s right, two great tastes that taste great together. You no longer need to spend your next road trip eating boring regular beef jerky while sucking down an energy drink. Perky Jerky is a delicious, healthy, low-carb snack with an extra kick!

  • Are you @#$^$^!@ serious?

    We never joke about meat snacks. Perky Jerky is as real as it gets, the world’s first energy jerky that will leave your mouth watering and your body buzzing for more.

  • How much caffeine does it have?

    Each 2 oz pack of Perky Jerky contains roughly 150 mg of caffeine, or slightly less than the caffeine amount in 2 Red Bulls. We recommend that you only eat 1 oz per serving, but hey…

  • How much comes in a pack?

    Aren’t you paying attention? 2 oz of jolty jerky goodness in every pack

  • More info can be found, including neutrition information and ordering, via their website: [Perky Jerky]


    Furry Fun

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    Theres Livejournal drama between those who want to wear human suits over fursuits and those who just take off the fursuits.

    There's Livejournal drama between those who want to wear human suits over fursuits and those who just take off the fursuits.

    [via – xkcd]


    Class Time Again August 25, 2009

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    So classes just started up again for me, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of being a full-time student again. As such, I do not currently have as much time to update as I used to. I will be trying to still update as I can, but things might be a bit sparser than usual.

    Sorry about the trouble.


    Video of the Day: 8-Bit Trip

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    Sweet Vampire Buddha that video is awesome.

    [Via – Youtube-8-bit trip]


    A Look Behind EVE Online’s Unholy Rage August 20, 2009

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    It’s been no secret that CCP, the developer behind EVE Online, hates players who work the system to profit in real money from its game. In June CCP decided to enact a deastic plan that they had been working on for weeks, if not months, codenamed Unholy Rage. Ars Technica was able to talk to Einar Hreiðarsson, one of EVE’s lead GM’s, during Gamescom this week and was able to find out a bit on both the how and why behind Unholy Rage.

    RMT operators take up a lot of server power. They use macros to run missions, rat (grind PvE) and mine 23/7. This adversely affects other players’ chances of making a simulated living as all sweet-spots for this sort of activity are totally overrun with RMT-type users,” he explained to Ars. Prices for mission-related items are adversely affected as well, which hurts regular players. Then there’s the criminal element.

    “Practically all credit card fraud we suffer stems from the RMT element which uses stolen credit cards to register expendable accounts that they know we will ban as soon as they start using them, e.g. accounts used to spam ISK sale adverts and such.” Further, almost all hacking problems involve accounts being cleaned out by ISK sellers. The game suffers, credit card fraud becomes an issue, and accounts are hi-jacked. Something had to be done, and “Unholy Rage” was what they named CCP’s response.

    For weeks they studied the behavior and effects these real-money traders had on the game, and then they struck. During scheduled maintenance, over 6,000 accounts were banned. Hreiðarsson assures us that the methods were sound, and the bannings went off with surgical precision. “We are quite confident that false positives are practically non-existent, but we examine all requests for review,” he explained. “So far less than a dozen have been found to be false positives.” The project is ongoing, and so far CCP has banned approximately 9,000 accounts.

    What they found was these real-money traders were not only soaking up in-game, virtual assets as well as hacking accounts, but also taking way more than their fair share of server cycles. The result was dramatic.



    Some District 9 Trivia

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    i09 recently sat down with director Neill Blomkamp and found out some interesting things about his movie District 9.

    After the District 9 roundtable and a one-on-one with director Neill Blomkamp, we found out a lot about what went on behind the scenes while making the alien feature. And some of the District 9 fact we uncovered may shock you, all quotes are from Blomkamp:

    One actor plays all of the talking aliens.

    It’s only one actor who plays every alien, it’s Jason Cope. He plays every single alien.

    Most, if not all, of the alien interaction and dialogue with Wikus during the eviction scene was improvised by Jason Cope or the actor Sharlto Copely (Wikus).

    So we would film the two of them and then we would go to a different shack. And he’d pretend to evict a new alien. Then we’d go somewhere else and somewhere else. So it was just the two of them. It’s the conversations between those two, the actual dialogue and what actually came out of them was totally improved. Any details in words and the language between the two happened right there on the day of shooting. That what makes it feel like they are really communicating…

    But stuff like when he walks up in to the shack and says, “this is a gang sign, we’re in a gang area right here,” we would draw the sign on the wall and he would randomly say it’s a gang area. And that meant because he’s walking up to a shack that has an alien in it with a whole story that we’ve written with those guys distilling their fluid and I’m like, “that’s interesting you just said that the supporting alien character is a gangster.” But if it works, we keep going.

    Read the rest, including information about the location used for the titular district and the home of the aliens over at i09 [5 Things You Didn’t Know About District 9]