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First Look At The Plot To The “Asteroids” Movie July 24, 2009

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Around the start of this month Universal Pictures announced that they were going to be adapting Atari’s classic 1979 video game Asteroids into a full length feature film.
IGN was able to ask producer Lornezo di Bonaventura while he was in London promoting the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, and he had this to say about it:
It’s funny because people say there’s nothing in the game, but that’s not entirely right” he explained. “I was attracted to Asteroids, plain and simple, because I think what it tells you is that there’s going to be this big thing in space.”

“We’ve crafted a really strong, deep mythology for the thing. Without divulging too much about it, it’s two lead characters – two brothers – who have to go through a seminal experience to figure out their relationship, against this huge backdrop.”
But what of the title’s point-and-shoot gameplay? “Well you’d better have some guys in spaceships blowing stuff up” he continued “or else you haven’t honoured the fun of Asteroids.”