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File Under WTF Mate July 24, 2009

Filed under: WTF Mate? — Chad L. @ 12:10 pm
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Ummm… yeah… Handerpants… Appearantly they have a video up on their webstie as well, but the computer I’m posting this from doesn’t want to play it.  Oh, and “Features” for the Handerpants?
  • Fits Most Hands
  • Breathable Cotton
  • Form Fitting
  • Prevents Chafing
  • Absorbs Sweat
  • Distracts Enemies
  • Non Toxic
  • Great For Jazz Hands
  • Prevents Chafing? Distracts Enemies? Great For Jazz Hands? I can understand distracting your enemies, as soon as they saw you wearing these they wouldn’t be able to stop laughing… but personally, my stock hands work pretty well on their own for the entire jazz hand bit… and I’ve never really had to worry about chafing with my hands…