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Scientists On Way To Making Medicine From Electronics Waste July 22, 2009

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Academics at the University of York are developing a technique for extracting the chemical compound polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA), more commonly known for it’s application as wood glue, from from polarising films in waste LCD panels. From iTnews:

Due to its large surface area, expanded PVA is expected to be particularly useful as tissue scaffolds that are used in medicine to help regenerate human tissue.

“This expanded version allows us to incorporate bioactives,” explained Avtar Matharu, who is developing the technique with colleagues James Clark and Andrew Hunt at the University of York, U.K.

“We’re effectively creating a bioactive sponge which then could be used to aid wound healing.”

With researchers estimating that 2.5 million LCDs are approaching their end of life, environmentally friendly device disposal is a growing concern. While Matharu is saying “In terms of cost, we’re not looking at this as a commercial venture,” there are definiately people who are going to be happy to hear about this ‘green’ alternitive to tossing their old LCDs into a landfil. [iTnews]