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Flynn Lives! July 22, 2009

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flynnPicWith the second Tron movie in production, we knew that eventually the marketing machine would start up.  It seems that the first viral website for the movie has appeared online.  According to Tron 2.0’s IMDB page, the movie will feature the search for Kevin Flynn.
The original Tronfollowed the adventures of Kevin Flynn and the titular Tron on their journey through the ENCOM computer systems in an attempt to destroy an out of control program bent on world domination.
From the website:
Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero.
That is Kevin Flynn.
He came into our lives and showed us the limitless possibilities of the future. And then, all of a sudden, he “disappeared.”
Some people believed he died. We don’t. We know that Kevin Flynn Lives.
willencomfullWe’re not crazy, we’re not obssessed, we’re not lunatics. We simply have followed the facts wherever they lead. And the facts tell us that Kevin Flynn Lives.
We are here for Kevin. Nobody can make us stop believing that he is out there, that he’s waiting for us, and that he will return when the time is right.


Also among the site are some ‘newspaper clippings’ talking about what has happened with ENCOM since the end of the last movie, as well as a fun comparison between Kevin Flynn, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniac.