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Well, appearntly Kodak is coming out with something… July 22, 2009

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….but it’s under such tight wraps that they are censoring the video posted to Kodak’s own youtube video so much it looks and sounds almost like an episode of Jerry Springer..

Gizmodo has a great ‘interpertation’ of what they think is being censored in the video:

Here’s Kodak’s teaser video for their new product. We’re not sure what it is, since the video’s laced with so much profanity, but here’s what we think the transcript actually says.Steve: Are we…are we on?

Woman: Mmmhmmm, we’re on.

Steve: Um… *shrug* Hey everybody! It’s Steve Garfield from Steve Garfield dot com, and we’re in New York City. I’m taking a look at this new Kodak…um…what do you call it?

Woman: EasySchlong DX

Steve: EasySchlong DX! It’s the EasySchlong DX. And the coolest thing about it is that it has a semen reservoir. See that thing? This is what I’ve been waiting for is a…what do you call it?

Woman: EasySchlong

The rest of it quickly moves even deeper into the questionably SFW arena, but is a bit of a fun read if you enjoy humor of that colour. [Steve Garfield checks out the new Kodak product X Via Gizmodo]