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The Guild Music Video: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar August 17, 2009

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It’s been talked about around the net alot today, in case any of you have missed it so far, I bring The Guild’s music Video:  Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

To check out the webseries that spawned this awesome video, check out The Guild’s Website at

via YouTube – The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.


Sinfest on drugs

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So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, things have been pretty busy. So as an offering I bring you a bit of humor:
Sometimes you don't need drugs

Sometimes you don't need drugs when normal life is this weird...

[Via: Sinfest.]


Meet The 1337s August 12, 2009

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Things Passed Over Yesterday

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Today I bring you all a look at all of the things I didn’t post about yesterday, be it due to time, or inability to come up with something even slightly verbose to say about it that the linked page didn’t say better.


When reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you are most likely to die.


1 Game, 1 Level, many stages and challanges.


Future Bike With Puncture-proof tires, “unstealable”?


Were Prehistoric Brittons Cannibles?


Journal Of A New Cobra Rrecruit.



A Great 50×50 Pixel Fim August 1, 2009

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Speaker Warning: It is a bit loud:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Today in Webcomics: Surviving the World July 30, 2009

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Among our journies into the internet, sometimes you stumble upon something that somehow has just the right combination of science, humor, and snark… and sometimes it’s not xkcd.  Surviving the World is one such ‘photo comic’ like that. Each strip is set up like a lesson in school, with topics ranging from Alaska, to cyborgs and gun nuts. Night Trains to Comebacks, Zombies to… you know what, just read it already!

Lesson #403 – Power


via Surviving the World – Daily Lessons in Science, Literature, Love and Life . . . Updated Seven Days A Week.


Twitter Kills…. If you are in a band! July 29, 2009

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David Crowder*Band Rockumentary 4: Twitter Will Kill You