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Reason Gas is NOT For Personal Consumption #1 July 21, 2009

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Let’s start out today with a bit of a hot topic.
People have worried about the safty of tasers since they where first introduced, but over in Australia they have a new reason to. Earlier today a man was struck by a taser while running twards a police officer.  So far nothing out of the ordinary, but it seems that our poor, tasered guy had been huffing gasoline!  According to the report, almost immediately after the taser struck, the man burst into flames! Gizmodo summs up what happened next better than I:
The man pretty immediately went up in flames, and the officer, recognizing that a man becomes significantly less dangerous once he’s on fire, went to the suspect’s aid, patting him all over (and getting burned himself) to quell the flames.
The officer ended up getting pelted by rocks by a woman at the scene who ended up getting arrested for assaulting an officer, and two other people were arrested as well for sniffing a prohibited substance at the same location. [The Daily Telegraph via Gizmodo]