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About July 29, 2009


Originally posted Jul 21, 2009 1:21 PM by Chad L.  

Welcome to Today On The Net.

Sometimes a website is born out of boredom. Sometimes it is born out of fandom or random. Someone may want to speak their mind, or give others a place to do the same.

This one? Honestly it was a mix of the three ‘-dom’s.

The Idea tm for this grew out of time spent working as a switchboard operator. Between calls at that job there would be a lot of downtime and for the first time since I started working a job with internet access it wasn’t on the forbidden activities list. At first I was just calling over my shoulder for my coworkers to come check out this things I just found, then moved to sending out a daily email to a growing list of coworkers. Eventually I ended up switching to emailing myself links and then throwing them online on Facebook and doing Stumble Upon reviews. It was a really easy system to use, but it ended up my overwhelming my friend’s feeds… and it wasn’t really able to be organized how I would have liked.

And thus, this site came to be.

I think that Major Spoilers has things right in regards to how images are used and I am shamelessly cribbing their policy on it. Major Spoilers, if that is a problem, let me know and it will be dealt with.

About the use of Images on This Site

We try to take care when posting images on this site. All images are owned by their respective creators and are used here with permission or under Fair Use. If you believe your images are being used incorrectly, please feel free to contact Chad L. with your concerns. Please specify the URL in your inquiry.

You can reach Chad at:

Fair use rationale:

It is believed that images on this site are subject to fair use because:

  1. Images illustrate the text in which it appears beside.
  2. Its use is entirely encyclopedic or for news purposes.
  3. Use of images in no way limits or hinders the makers from selling or marketing their work.
  4. Images are being used in an informative way and should not detract from the original work.
  5. No free or public domain images have been located for the work.
  6. Images are being used for parody purposes.

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