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Things Passed Over Yesterday August 12, 2009

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Today I bring you all a look at all of the things I didn’t post about yesterday, be it due to time, or inability to come up with something even slightly verbose to say about it that the linked page didn’t say better.


When reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you are most likely to die.


1 Game, 1 Level, many stages and challanges.


Future Bike With Puncture-proof tires, “unstealable”?


Were Prehistoric Brittons Cannibles?


Journal Of A New Cobra Rrecruit.



A Reporter’s look at 4chan


Humanthesizer turns 15 bikini models into a live dancing synth


The Best Pie Chart Ever



The Pirate Party’s International Website


Using Moon Rocks to extract Oxigen


 Traces of Planet Collision Found


So that is an abridged look at some of the links that I passed over yesterday.  As you can see there are a lot of links I don’t normally do write-ups for each day. If any of you would like to contribute, let me know!


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