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Epiphanys on Types of Gaming Vs Mental Stimulation August 11, 2009

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Over at Network Performance Daily there is an interesting post up about what kinds of games people play depending on how much mental stimulation they are getting at work/”the real world”.

So when I look back on my life, and I compare the times in my life when I was playing simple games compared to the times in my life when I was playing complex ones… a pattern emerges. The more complexity and mental stimulation I was getting from other activities usually my day job at the time the less I needed mental stimulation in my free time. Conversely, in times in my life when I was working boring jobs, I’d be playing games that required a lot of thinking and mental gymnastics.
College was the time of Goldeneye and Mario Kart, but after graduation, working in data entry, I got into ultra-complex pen-and-paper RPGs and played through Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Grad School was the era of Katamari Damacy and discovering the joys of retro gaming through emulation.


So, anyway, right now, I work for NetQoS as the editor of this blog as well as “the video guy” in the company from time to time, and I moonlight as a field producer for an independent film company in town and let’s not forget that I’m also 30,000 words into my non-fiction book on electoral reform in New Zealand… Pac-Man just about hits the spot.




It is a pretty good read, and the points that come up are all to familiar to me as well. After all this project itself was born from the lack of mental stimulation at the job. I would never profess to be a writer at all, but here I am writing, and you can tell pretty well how things are at work by how many posts I end up putting up. It’s not always true as sometimes the days I don’t post anything are either from a lack of finding anything that catches my eye enough to want to write about, or I’ve found so many interesting things, that I get a lot of mental stimulation just reading everything.

[Via An Epiphany I Had While Playing Pac-Man]


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