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To Go With Your 49 Port USB Hub.. August 4, 2009

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I guess someone else took a look at the 49 Port USB hub we featured earlier and decided they needed to reengineer it to be a little more… consumer friendly, a little more…. Apple-ish.

And what did they come up with?



Charging and Synchronization Dock

Charge and synchronize content to as many as 20 iPod and iPhone devices from a single iTunes
library.  This durable, attractive and lightweight docking solution makes managing and sharing large
quantities of devices easier than ever.

Accommodates: iPod classic, touch, nano G4 and iPhone.

Now the bigger question, is who actually HAS 20 Ipods, especially that they are still using/need to have synced? Yes, I have 2, but one of those barely keeps a charge and has been in mothballs for over a year now. 

Still, I guess if you did actually have that many, it would be helpful with dealing with keeping the cables untangled since there is only one instead of 20…

[Parasync Via Gizmodo]


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