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Will Wheaton To Appear in Season 3 of The Guild August 3, 2009

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For a while now Will Wheaton has been going on and on about a secret project that was going to be all kinds of awesome, and made of  “teh wins”.  The Mystery has been revieled as something quite awesome! From his blog:

A few months ago, Felicia Day asked me if I’d like to play a character in Season 3 of The Guild.

The conversation went something like this: 

Felicia: So, I wrote this character for Season 3 of The Guild and I wondered if y—


Rob Reiner’s Mother: I’ll have what he’s having. 

 So all those times I told Twitter some variation of, “Holy crap if I could tell you what I’m working on right now, you’d be all ‘OMG NO WAI’ and I’d be all ‘WAI’ and you’d be all ‘awesome!’ and then I’d be all, ‘I know, right?'” Now you know one of the things I was talking about.

Beyond the fact that he is appearing it this next season, details are pretty scarce.  Still, the combination of that level of awesome….  [Via Axis of Anarchy RULES!WWdN: In Exile]


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