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Swedish Robot Defends Itself, Injures Worker July 28, 2009

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When I used to work with ‘dangerous equipment’, aka deli slicers and bakery ovens, the first thing we always went over before how to actually use the equipment was to always make sure that everything was powered down, and then unplugged and cut off from the power supply before servicing any of them.

According to The Local, in June an industrial worker was trying to perform maintenance on a machine that normally would lift heavy rocks, but forgot that key safety step:

Thinking he had cut off the power supply, the man approached the robot with no sense of trepidation.

But the robot suddenly came to life and grabbed a tight hold of the victim’s head. The man succeeded in defending himself but not before suffering serious injuries.

In the report, it says that the worker broke four ribs in the incident… but last time I checked, wasn’t it hard to break someone’s ribs by crushing their head? [Robot attacked Swedish factory worker]


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