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Top Gear Presenter To Build Two-Story Lego Home July 27, 2009

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James May of Top Gear fame has a new project, and he is looking for help from the public to pull it off. On August 1, he is looking to start building a two-story house fully out of Lego. Of course making a home out of Lego comes with it’s own set of troubles.

“I’ve got a man working on a flushing Lego lavatory. We think it’s possible.

“Things like power supply, sanitation and plumbing coming into the house are as they could be for a real building… everything within my Lego house must as far as possible be Lego,” May said.

May said although he already had thousands of Lego bricks, he could not be sure there would be enough.

[Top Gear star to build Lego house]


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