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Always Running Out Of USB Ports? July 23, 2009

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Do you keep finding yourself buying those neat little USB gadgets that Brando is always releasing?  Or maybe you have an army of ThinkGeek’s USB Snowbots you want to have all going at once, or you just want to have your entire USB artilary hooked up at once.  Even though your computer can handle at least 127 devices, you have run out of ports, and don’t want to have a jumble of 4 port hubs making a mess of your area, nevermind finding enough outlets to plug just the hubs into.
Worry not, UK based company Cambrionix has just what you need! Introducing their 49 Port Professional USB-2.0 Hub(PDF warning). 
That’s right, unless your computer had multiple USP host controlers, you could fill up about 2.5 off these without trouble. You wouldn’t have to worry about running out of outlets since each one of these beasts is powered by a standard ATX power supply.
The Downside? They run £399 each currently.

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